Everything You Should Know about Uncontrolled Diabetes and Your Heart

Diabetes is like a Pandora’s Box: once diagnosed, it unleashes a torrent of potential problems. From diminishing oral health and circulation problems to nerve pain, diabetes can wreak havoc on the body. Diabetes, especially uncontrolled and untreated diabetes, can be fatal to the heart. Whether you are diagnosed with diabetes or suspicious that you might have the condition, be sure to understand the threats that it poses to your heart health… and life!

A Quick Introduction to Diabetes

The World Health Organization estimates that one in 10 adults around the globe have diabetes, with most cases categorized as type 2 diabetes. This means that the body can’t make or process enough insulin, the critical hormone that helps the body transform sugar into energy. Type 2 diabetes is correlated to obesity and aging, since both phenomenons prevent the body from functioning properly.

The good news about diabetes is that it’s a manageable disease. In fact, lifestyle changes and medications help keep symptoms almost entirely in check, and there are plenty of diabetes patients who turned their lives around with exercise and healthy living and earned freedom from medication entirely. However, untreated diabetes can have dangerous results like blindness, kidney failure, and stroke.

How Uncontrolled Diabetes Threatens Your Heart

Studies have consistently shown that cumulative exposure to diabetes and higher insulin resistance are risk factors for “adverse cardiac dysfunction” later in life. In fact, those with diabetes are two to three times more likely to have heart disease and a 60 percent greater chance of dying from heart disease. Even worse, 68 percent of people with diabetes aged 65 or older die from heart disease. There is no doubt that uncontrolled diabetes takes its toll on your lifeline.

The excess sugar caused by diabetes cannot fit into the body’s cells. Instead, it accumulates in the bloodstream, tissues, and organs of the body. This means that when diabetes is left untreated, it creates chronically high levels of glucose in the blood. High glucose is very dangerous because blood vessels of all types and sizes sustain damage when too much glucose is present. In short, diabetes accelerates the development of heart disease, damages nerves throughout the body, and hardens the arteries.   

As awful as this sounds, you do not have to accept it as your fate. By making an appointment with an experienced and trusted cardiologist at Manatee Cardiovascular Wellness Institute, you can learn the simple techniques to control your diabetes, balance your blood sugar levels, and minimize your risk of heart disease in the future. Call (941) 744-1200 to make your appointment in Bradenton, Florida today; it could save your life!

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