Protecting Your Heart: What You Need to Know About Medically Supervised Weight Loss

There is no denying that losing extra weight can improve your health, especially your heart and vascular health. Beyond looking better in your swimsuit, shedding pounds is proven to improve heart function, lower blood pressure, and reduce your risk for heart disease.

If you have struggled to lose weight in the past or feel unsure of how to jumpstart your weight loss process, there is a viable solution that can help you reach your goals in a sustainable way: medically supervised weight loss.

What is Medically Supervised Weight Loss?
Medically supervised weight loss is a formal program guided and supported by an experienced physician who understands that weight loss involves far more than a decrease in caloric intake.

During medically supervised weight loss, your doctor becomes your partner in a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Your doctor will help you create a tailored weight loss plan that includes a customized meal routine, vitamin therapy, behavioral therapy, and prescription medications as needed.

How to Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss Success
The first step to sustainable weight loss is to use an eating plan that nourishes your body with the right amount of calories for your size, energy use, and weight loss needs. This isn’t just about cutting calories! An eating plan also teaches you how to feed and nourish your body in a way that is satisfying, healthy, and effective. Some people prefer customized meal planning in order to cook and prepare their own meals at home, while others begin the Optifast Full Meal or Partial Meal Replacement to receive more food choice guidance and support.

The next step to true weight loss in a medically supervised program involves lifestyle education and behavior changes that support your weight loss goals. You will work with your physician to prevent emotional eating and overeating, practice the art of mindful eating, identify triggers that lead you to eat unnecessarily, and build more physical activity into your lifestyle.

Finally, weight loss is also made possible using strategic vitamin therapy and prescription appetite suppressants as needed. MIC B injections, for example, can help you lose weight by increasing your energy levels, stimulating your metabolism, and helping the body achieve a better sense of balance.

Ask For Your Physician’s Support

Manatee Cardiovascular Wellness Institute in Bradenton, Florida offers comprehensive medically supervised weight loss programs to help you meet your goals and improve your heart health. Call (941) 744-1200 now to schedule your first appointment and get the compassionate, personalized support you need.

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