Arterial Ultrasound

Lower extremity arterial duplex is an ultrasound evaluation of the blood flow to the arteries in the legs and is used to detect and measure the amount of narrowing of the arteries.  If your legs are not getting enough blood flow, you could experience leg pain with walking or leg cramps when you are lying down, or in severe cases you could experience constant leg or foot pain.

In addition, lower extremity arterial ultrasound is performed in patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), particularly for planning an endovascular procedure or surgery. It is also used to monitor procedures such as bypass surgery, angioplasty, stents and grafts for signs of the blockage returning (“restenosis”). If a hematoma develops after a catheterization procedure, arterial ultrasound is also used to check the integrity of the arteries and veins in the groin.

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