Staying Hydrated During Summer Heat

It is common knowledge that staying hydrated is an important component of lasting wellness, but many people don’t realize when their health symptoms are actually caused by dehydration. Taking simple steps to remain consistently hydrated this summer will help you prevent painful and bothersome health problems, especially in the unforgiving Florida heat.

Always Carry Water With You

Whether you are on-the-go throughout your community or simply moving between different rooms in your house or workplace, hydration is easiest when water is always within reach. You’re more likely to take regular sips of water if a cup or bottle is right in front of you. Treat yourself to a reusable water bottle that can keep your beverage cold for hours at a time, and you’ll find that staying hydrated becomes much simpler!

Add Flavor If Needed

Not everybody enjoys drinking plain water. If you’re less than excited about drinking water throughout the day, you can always add a burst of flavor to make it more appealing. There are plenty of natural flavor choices lining grocery store shelves, and fruit provides a subtle and refreshing taste to water. Just be sure to avoid flavor options that are laden with sugar or artificial ingredients.

Consider the Food You Eat

Water can also be found in food, so your diet can supplement your regular water intake each day. Water-rich foods include vegetables, fruits, and yogurt. Including at least one type of water-dense food with each snack and meal will help your body enjoy the benefits of always staying hydrated.

Making these simple changes to your daily routine will have an enormous impact on your energy levels, concentration, digestion, immunity, and more. The body relies on water even more than calories and essential vitamins, so when you take purposeful measures to stay hydrated, you will feel the difference.

This is even true for heart health! Dehydration forces the heart to pump thicker blood through constricted blood vessels, which sends your heart rate climbing. Chronic dehydration causes this type of stress on a regular basis and increases your risk of fatal coronary heart disease and stroke. To ensure that your heart is healthy and your body is properly hydrated, call (941) 744-1200 to make an appointment at Manatee Cardiovascular Wellness Institute in Bradenton, Florida.

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