Take These Steps to Reverse Your Diabetes Naturally

Many people make the mistake of assuming that a diabetes type 2 diagnosis is a life sentence, but it is not at all! Though diabetes is a serious health condition that puts you at higher risk of other health complications, it can actually be reversed! With the right lifestyle decisions and medical support, you can stop your diabetes in its tracks, stop depending on medications, and embrace a healthier and more rewarding quality of life.

An Introduction to Diabetes

Diabetes is an illness related to high blood sugar levels. The majority of Americans with diabetes have type 2 diabetes that is caused by the body’s resistance to insulin. This means that the hormone insulin is still released into the body, but the body does not respond to it efficiently. This leads to fluctuating blood sugar levels, serious side effects, and increased risk of blindness, kidney disease, nerve damage, and obesity.

Step 1: Change Your Eating Habits

Remove foods from your diet that cause inflammation and trigger immune responses in your body. This includes refined sugar, gluten, cow’s milk, hydrogenated oils, and alcohol. Each has its own pitfalls that make blood sugar levels surge and negatively impact hormone levels.

Replace those with foods that are high in fiber, chromium, magnesium, healthy fats, and clean protein. Wild-caught salmon, raw vegetables, goat’s milk, chicken, and raw almonds are all great options. Making these strategic choices will properly fuel your body and automatically keep your blood sugar under control.

Step 2: Use Holistic Supplements

Diabetes medication will effectively balance your blood sugar, but it does not address the root cause of your diabetes. Using medication also makes you dependent upon it for your ongoing health. Insead of this dependency, you can combine your healthy eating habits with the use of specific holistic supplements.

Talk to your doctor to develop a supplements regime that can support balanced blood sugar levels. Chromium Picolinate is known to improve insulin sensitivity, cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels, and alpha lipoic acid helps turn glucose into fuel for the body and reduce diabetic neuropathy.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment With Your Cardiologist

It is a great choice to commit to reversing your diabetes naturally, but you definitely need the guidance and ongoing support of your cardiologist. This is why Manatee Cardiovascular Wellness Institute serves Bradenton, Florida with comprehensive cardiovascular care and wellness programs to help patients achieve optimal health. Call (941) 744-1200 to make your appointment today.  

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