Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition. Cooperation. Reversing. Healing. Wellness

NutritionDid you know we were meant to heal ourselves? Surprising to many in this day of traditional western medicine with a different pill for every ill.

Do you know how damaging prescriptive medicine can be to the human body when taken over a long period of time?

There is a time and place for everything but anything that replaces an inherent bodily function over a long period of time, will rid the body of functioning on its own, setting one self up for more deficiency and dysfunction.

The answer? Feed the body what fuels the body, which is food and glandular extracts. The human body is a very complex mechanism and quite frankly a miraculous thing, and would not exist without continual cell turnover. When we are sick, regenerative processes are replaced by degenerative processes which adds to oxidative stress and disease, making pharmaceutical medicine the go-to choice for balancing our body back.

Prescription medicines tend to be the most popular solution in today’s world, they use chemicals that prevent our body from regenerating itself. Much simpler and safer routes, like proper diet, whole-food supplements, and herbs, should be taken instead.

In a nutritional consult your in-depth health history will be looked at and analyzed for key nutrient deficiencies that could be impeding your ability to heal. The information used will be subjective in the form of a Nutrition Symptom Survey and also blood work. This will help your practitioner to target areas of nutritional deficiency that require support. In providing the foundational support required for your body to begin the repair process and ultimately give you back your quality of life.