Vitamins, Supplements & Neutraceuticals

Standard Process is the visionary leader in whole food nutrient solutions. With Standard process we are able to apply systems thinking to holistic nutrition that empowers practitioners to transform lives.

There are many supplement companies during our times, why have we chosen to partner with Standard Process?

First, for more than 85 years Standard Process has made nutritional supplements with whole food ingredients. Standard Process’ goal is to provide nutrient as they are found in nature. Their formulas provide safe, high-quality nutritional support with unique combinations of synergistic ingredients.

Second, Standard Process’ Organic Farm. The Standard Process certified organic farm has more than 350 acres of nutrient-rich land. They are one of the few supplement companies who have their own organic farm. Using organic farming methods, they harvest many of the ingredients for their formulas. They also have zero tolerance for genetic modification and use certified organic seeds or seeds harvested from their own organic crop whenever possible. Growing many of their own crops ensures they have quality ingredients from seed to supplement.

Third, Quality Quality Quality. Quality Supplements

Standard Process takes great pride in their quality control program and work meticulously to guarantee the purity, safety and quality of our products. Their scientists, chemists, and microbiologists, perform as many as 1,100 tests on raw materials, in-process batches and finished product while also meeting demanding federal and state quality regulations in addition to their own strict internal production and quality control standards.

And finally. Wellness

Nutrition is a priority for us at Manatee Cardiovascular. It is essential in order to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease. Nutrition begins at farming and continues to our families. We promote a healthy lifestyle through our unique wellness programs and initiatives, once of which is through our partnership with Standard Process.

We have an online patient ordering program! You can now get your Standard Process®, MediHerb®, and Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™ supplements conveniently from us. Contact our office for details. Sign up for Patient Direct at

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