Why Should You Choose Functional Medicine?

If you wake up with a headache each morning, it might be easiest to take a few ibuprofen and hope the pain goes away, but that simply treats your acute symptoms without addressing the underlying causes of your headache. Whether it is a headache or a more severe health condition, masking symptoms without treating the real cause of the problem is a dangerous choice.

Functional medicine is a modern approach to healthcare that addresses this common issue by addressing the underlying causes of disease using a patient-centric approach to your care. Rather than looking at you as a walking, talking symptom, functional medicine views you as a whole person with complex and integrated body systems that influence each other in countless ways.

A Marriage of Traditional Western Medicine and Alternative Holistic Healthcare

Functional medicine can be viewed as a balanced blend between our traditional western approach to medicine and the more holistic alternative healthcare modalities. By seeking a doctor of functional medicine, you are not forced to choose just one type of healthcare. Your functional medicine doctor can prescribe medication, a new nutrition program, botanical supplements, counseling, and other treatments that will properly address your health concerns.

More Than Writing a Prescription

It’s common in traditional western medicine to merely prescribe a pharmaceutical pill to address issues like depression or chronic pain. Functional medicine recognizes that this type of treatment cannot identify or address the root problems of disease, nor can it help the body heal or overcome its challenges.

If you visit a doctor of functional medicine to discuss your depression, your doctor will evaluate your nutritional habits, lifestyle habits, medical history, and other factors to identify the potential root causes of depression. Antibiotic use, pre-diabetes, vitamin D deficiency, low thyroid, and omega-3 deficiency are all potential causes of depression, and resolving any of them could improve your condition without the use of pharmaceuticals at all!

Find Functional Medicine Care To Improve Your Health

By finding a doctor who blends 21st century science with attentive and integrative care, you have the potential to minimize or eliminate your chronic health conditions and embrace an optimal quality of life once again.

Manatee Cardiovascular Wellness Institute in Bradenton, Florida offers professional and compassionate functional medicine services to help you live your best life. Call (941) 744-1200 now to learn more and schedule an appointment.  

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